by Timmac @, Steilacoom, WA, Sunday, May 06, 2018, 22:28 (255 days ago) @ Talley Ho

I can’t find anything related to arsenic. The shell contains a toxin treated to poison oak and can cause skin irritation, and potential problems if the raw unshelled seed is invested. “Though really seeds and not nuts, cashews grow inside of a shell-like structure that grows on a fruit. When buying “raw cashews” in the store, take note that these nuts have actually been steamed and are not entirely raw. This is because raw cashews contain urushiol, which is the same chemical that you’d find in poison ivy. It can cause the body to have a very similar reaction to one experienced from poison oak or ivy. If a high level of urushiol is ingested, it can be deadly. Cashew poisoning is rare, but those who handle them in order to manufacture them to get the shell off sometimes experience the side-effects.

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