Counterfeit Tequila

by HolyMole @, Monday, May 14, 2018, 23:25 (10 days ago) @ victorio

"......the people that are producing the "fake Tequila" are.... targeting the.... people out to just get drunk and enjoy...a good Tequila. The ones that drink margaritas.....that mask the Tequila taste with mixes and sugar....who just want a cheap bottle of Tequila to take home....."

You should have ended your post with one of those little "stirring the pot" thingies, but I'll take the bait anyway:
Well excuuuuse me and the tens of millions of others for enjoying our margaritas and hundreds of other mixed drinks. What a load of hooey. And that's just my opinion.
By the way, when I take home a bottle of tequila, it's usually 100 Anos Reposado. It's enjoyable straight, great in a margarita and doesn't require a bank loan to purchase. Undoubtedly swill-like to a connoisseur like yourself, but I like it.
Insert winking Happy Face here.

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