Counterfeit Tequila

by cd69 @, Winnipeg,MB,Canada, Wednesday, May 16, 2018, 00:29 (9 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

The links shown on the OP are talking about two different issues, one making fake tequila that can be potentially harmful to your health and the other link is a misuse of the tequila appellation, which is a situation that is common with many brands of alcohol and what is a big issue in France with Champagne that technically is only from the Champagne area and anything out of that area is a bubbly of some sort. Very different issues with one being a serious health hazard which has been an issue for years, especially in the all-inclusive hotels in areas popular with the spring breakers. It is not a new issue but compared to 20-30 years ago, in these days of social media, we get the news much faster and are made more aware. The other issue is more an economic issue.

I bartended in some pretty high end places and frankly using higher end alcohol in most blended cocktails is a waste of money. Having said that, it does depend too on what cocktail we are talking about and which mix we are using. And if using fresh mix as in fresh fruit juices versus bar mixes commonly used in North America will make a big difference too in how it all taste. As for tequila, if you are drinking it alone, you often get what you pay for, especially when not sold in a fancy bottle. Then again, a brand called Carmesi is an awesome product that was sold at about $20 3 years ago in Zihua and ranked in the top 10% in tequila tastings for a few years. The problem is it is very hard to get in Zihua for the last 2 years but that tequila has won in blind tasting competitions tequilas selling for over $60-80 US. If you are making cocktails, a true tequila selling around 200-300 pesos can do just fine, especially if making a margarita or tequila sunrise. Using a high end tequila for such drinks is a waste of money, in the same line as using a high end rum in a rum and coke as the coke acidity/ph will make the flavours pretty much the same for any rums of the same line, ie white/amber/dark or spiced...

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