Costa Bella

by Talley Ho @, Thursday, May 17, 2018, 19:35 (369 days ago) @ jbmass

Costa Bella was originally a family home/compound. It now has the family home (Rodrigo is a semi-retired attorney and Evelia is a retired teacher, and both are respected in the community) and space for 3-4 RV's or tents and a building containing 7 apartments and one more on their patio. They have a beautiful pool.

The RV and tent sites are very nice, good electricity, sewer, water and wifi. The rooms are great, at times a little bit needy in terms of kitchenware, but if you ask they will take care of things.

They are pet friendly even in the rooms.

They are located across the dead end street from El Manglar, and just inland of El Pirata.

The only difficulty is contact. No English is spoken, which is great. If you arrive and use the bell at the gate, you will be met and reservations are easy. They are trying to have their son, Dr. Roberto Campos, take over the reservations via Facebook. He speaks English. We found their prices to be reasonable.

Now that we are in our own home, we still consider them to be our friends and see them on a regular basis.

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