Zih Mexican Weekend

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Monday, May 21, 2018, 11:22 (366 days ago)

(Self-inflicted) school shootings and (why are there still) royal weddings notwithstanding, in Zihuatanejo the dominant news this weekend was Saturday's Triatlón, the official start of the local mayoral campaigns, the farcical elections in Venezuela, the championship soccer match between Torreón's "Santos" and Toluca's "Diablos Rojos", the 5.1 earthquake near Iliatenco, and of course last night's presidential debate. If you missed more than 3 of those, chances are you aren't Mexican and don't reside in Zihuatanejo. ;-)

This frangipani tree in Playa La Madera is one of my long-time favorites. With all the construction on Zihuatanejo's cliffs during the past 15 years you'd almost never know that these trees used to dominate the bay's cliffs and much of the coast all around the bay. Now very few are left. They give me the impression of finger's reaching for the water, and the scent from their fragrant flowers is one of my favorites.

Part of the regular scene from our morning walks. Monday mornings are always slow with hardly any fish for sale because most fishermen rest Sunday night.

Big waves are back, and last night they washed all the way up the beach down by the fishermen's area and Daniel's Restaurant. They also washed a lot of water into the mouth of La Boquita canal and it looks like the city government isn't going to fix the socavón in the canal wall after all, meaning downtown Zihuatanejo will likely see some of its worst flooding ever if the canal wall is compromised near the Vicente Guerrero school. Can't say the city government didn't receive a timely warning. But apparently other construction projects are more "important".

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