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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Monday, May 28, 2018, 13:47 (359 days ago)

While silly political campaigns are going on around us locally and nationally all promising to make our lives better with the same promises we hear every campaign, we witnessed an example of true democracy in Colombia this weekend as the two leading candidates with simple majorities in the presidential election prepare for the second round of the presidential election where in order to win a candidate must receive an absolute majority. This is how it should be everywhere. No electoral colleges. No winner take all with a minority of votes. This is as close to representative democracy as it is possible to get, and this election includes candidates in local, departmental and national levels who were formerly guerrilla fighters who laid down their arms and rejoined Colombia's social and political institutions to seek a better Colombia democratically. In contrast, Colombia is also trying to deal with the millions of Venezuelan refugees fleeing persecution and starvation in a corrupt regime that just held a farcical completely fraudulent "election" to justify keeping its dictator in power. The two elections couldn't be more different nor their results.

In our own national campaigns the presidential candidate for the PRI recently stuck his foot in it when he accused the leading contender's party of allowing a fugitive from justice to run for the position of Senadora in our Congreso Federal, Nestora Salgado, a dual national like me who returned from Oregon several years ago to enlist in the Policía Comunitaria of Olinalá, her hometown, in order to do the job the corrupt government was unwilling to do of getting criminals off the streets. But because she went up against narcos and corrupt politicians she put herself at risk, and the military ambushed her and whisked her to a prison in another state where she remained a political prisoner for over two years. All charges against her were eventually dismissed because none of the witnesses subpoenaed ever showed up, so she was released. But now that the PRI's candidate for president is losing miserably in the current election, he appeared to rely on bad counsel and attacked the leading candidate and his party during the last nationally televised debate. And all of a sudden supposed witnesses are giving anonymous interviews. But to those of us in Guerrero who know the story she is a hero who risked her life for her people. And now she is suing the PRI candidate for defamation of character for calling her a kidnapper. We've never seen anything like this happen before, and this looks to be quite an entertaining little drama from which the PRI will be unable to neatly extricate itself. Hopefully they will learn from this lesson and clean up their act instead of resorting to such dirty tactics. This has been one of the deadliest and dirtiest election campaign seasons we've ever seen, and it is steeling the people's resolve all that much more to once again vote against the party that ruled the nation as a virtual dictatorship for over 70 years before the election of Vicente Fox as presidente in 2000.

There, now you're all caught up on the fun and games of contemporary Mexican politics.:hitfan:

The heat continues building as it usually does this time of year making life uncomfortable for most, especially with the disastrous lack of city water that has left some parts of town without the vital liquid for months.

This past weekend also saw a one-day fishing tournament called La Calentona, with all the winners being locals. I felt bad for the elderly gentleman who had to sweep up the mess at the pier this morning. Apparently the event organizers didn't bother cleaning up after themselves, at least it didn't look like they did. And the revellers weren't kind to the pier either, destroying one of the awnings that covered part of the bench seating, urinating all over, and of course leaving multitudes of liquor bottles and trash. But hey, they had fun.

Lupita fitted both parents in this lovely family with glasses donated by my readers, but she says she's in need of more graduated glasses or "cheaters" if anyone can bring some more down for her.

The beginning of another hot day in paradise! :vacation:

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