The Bell near the Anchor

by juanrojo @, Wednesday, May 30, 2018, 22:24 (235 days ago) @ HolyMole

The bell is the same as what you Talley boarders call the vent but just laying on it's side.

The large perforated concrete vessels have trunions which are protrusions that stick out sideways and form the pivots that allow the vessel to be suspended from a crane much like the pots on steel mill cranes.

The design would work to move rocks from underwater locations and then let the water drain out of the holes when raised up.

I think we were told that the vessels were used in the construction of the Las Gatas reef wall and I have professionally wrestled with big suspended pots full of red hot metal that were just like the bell in question(without the holes) so I think that's the answer, rock moving vessels.

The perforated concrete structures work very well as artificial reef structures and so would the very similar, ready made perforated concrete block structures that were bought and paid for as artificial reef but remain uninstalled across from Lety's restaurant and a few more down the street.

To find the anchor, enter the water as near the dock as is safe. Swim straight out to the wall which is seen above water while watching for boats. Turn left and you will come to the bell, continue left along the wall and the anchor can't be missed.

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