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Tomorrow is Día de La Marina, and whether you're an old squid or jarhead or a fan of sailors or just like to honor folks who serve their country, there will be a bit of a whoop-tee-doo early tomorrow morning at the entrance to the pier with a lot of good-looking sailors all gussied up in their dress uniforms. After the ceremony many sailors and admirers will board vessels to lay a wreath at the Piedra Solitaria. It is customary along the way for folks to hurl buckets of ocean water at each other (except the brass of course) so if you go dress for wet and seal in plastic anything you don't want to get wet. ;-)

Most of the country is experiencing a heat wave. Mexico City has broken a 99-year old record. And Guerrero and Michoacán are among the affected states. So be sure to move slowly, stay in the shade, drink plenty of water, and put some water out for the outdoor critters who are especially having a rough time of it. A good chance of rain is in the forecast for this weekend as well as during next week. Día de la Marina is a traditional day for getting our first good dousing of the season, but there are of course no guarantees. It sure looked like it was going to rain last night.

Also, this Sunday morning at 8:00 A.M. there will be a swimming event called Travesía a Nado where swimmers will swim across the bay. For more info call 755-115-0388 or 755-121-4294 or write activacionfisicaysalud @ hotmail.com (without the spaces).

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