Off season visit

by jmerced, Friday, June 15, 2018, 16:58 (155 days ago)

Hi Z people,

My boyfriend and I will be visiting for the first time, July 1st-8th, and it's been great fun finding this forum and reading about the beautiful city. I hope you all stay safe during the storm.

As we booked this trip rather last minute, I didn't quite realize it was off season. Which is fine, I prefer the less busy time of year. I expected rain and hot temps, but hope places in town are still open during the off season.

My question- We have rented a lovely little home in Troncones for the week, but it doesn't have a pool. I'm not sure if the weather typically affects ocean conditions. Is anyone aware of any hotels in town that would be open to letting two nice Americans buy drinks and food from them in exchange for the use of their swimming pool? Any suggestions on a place to start our search when we arrive would be awesome.

Thank you!

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