Trip Report-Moving to Zihuatanejo

by Talley Ho @, Monday, June 25, 2018, 17:54 (145 days ago)

January, 2017 it hit us that we had spent the last 10 winters, 4-6 months on Playa la Ropa in an RV, a metal box. We decided to look at lots and houses.

We found a lot we liked and a house we liked. We wanted Playa la Ropa, a big yard for the dogs and gardening, and we had to be close enough to the water to be able to easily carry our surf paddle boards to and from the beach daily. Both fit the bill perfectly. We opted for the house so we wouldn't have to wait for a house to be built and made an offer on it on Valentines Day, 2017.

The house closed in July, 2017. When we headed down in the RV for the last time in October, we were still a little bit up in the air about staying full time. Once we arrived, there was no question-we are staying forever.

We had to return to our former Southern California beach one last time to take care of details. It was very hard to leave Zihuatanejo,but we absolutely had to. When we left Zihuatanejo, our unrealistic goal was to return within 3 months. We made it! Sold the VW, the RV, and moved out of the house that we had lived in for 38+ years. Everything we were taking had to fit into an 8 foot cargo trailer and the Durango that we had purchased here in January, 2018. We left here March 28 and made it back June 22.

Last Monday we drove to Nogales, Arizona in two days because it's 700 miles, too far to do in one day. We are traveling with two big dogs and a cat, all in the back of the stuffed Durango, Wednesday morning we crossed the border at Nogales at 6am. I drove across because we thought a female could have an edge.

We didn't know what to expect, because Aduana (customs) has the right to inspect everything, and we were limited to $800 value before we had to start paying 16% import tax. We could have been there for hours, considering we had 71 boxes, and lots of other things. We pulled up and joined 5 other vehicles full of stuff to import. The female agent came over and told us to unpack the trailer. He tried to reason with her and showed her the photos on his phone that he took while loading the trailer. She liked it! She asked us to pull out the paddleboards so she could see behind them. That was only 6 boxes. She came back and looked. Her boss came and looked. He waved at me to follow him into the office where he told the cashier that our duty was $3000p, roughly $150US. Credit card only, which is good. I got the receipt, and we were back on the road in less than 30 minutes!! It easily could have been all day. We both had figured that our cost would be about $1500US if we were lucky.

We drove until about 4, trading drivers every 2 hours. Suddenly, we were absolutely done. We pulled into what we call a "no tell motel," in Navajoa. These are very nice by the hour places, totally private even with a private garage with automatic door for each room. The room was beautiful, porno flicks, restaurant delivery, huge shower, a sex chair with a chart showing 15 suggested positions, etc. Dogs? Sure, what more damage could pets do than some people? It was a beautiful room and clean as a whistle. With a nice tip and ice delivery, it cost us 20 bucks.

Left early again and drove until almost dark. Found another No Tell Motel, in Tepic, very nice, but no sex chair. It cost us a whopping $15 with a tip. By now it's about to be the 5th day on the road. We didn't plan it, but we easily made it home by 7:30. Tired, but home last Friday night.

We are back to stay forever! We've been on the beach every morning with the dogs and plan to start paddling again tomorrow. It is wonderful to be home.

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