Cataract Surgery in Zihuatanejo

by Tere @, Tuesday, June 26, 2018, 12:26 (237 days ago)

Just reporting back. After asking for and receiving personal references and referrals, I had cataract surgery here in Zihuatanejo one month ago. I went to Dra. Alejandra Martinez Espino, who has an office in Colonia El Hujal and does the surgery in the Clinica Maciel. The doctor’s address and phone numbers are listed in ZihuaRob’s medical services page. The doctora is very professional and nice. The operating room is very clean, efficient and the staff is professional. Everything went perfectly and I’m very happy with the results. This is not a plug for medical tourism – I live here year round. Between lab tests and other required doctor appointments, it took me over a month to get from the point of my initial eye appointment to the surgery date itself. Not unusual or questionable, just saying it’s not a quick in-and-out experience. And then you’ve got follow-up appointments, etc. Also, staying “out of the street” so you don’t get “dirt” in your eye for a month after surgery is challenging, especially if you’re here on vacation or for a short time. See you around!

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