No Tell adventure.

by Linda from Canada @, Zihua and Grand Marais, Manitoba, Tuesday, June 26, 2018, 21:41 (265 days ago) @ Sandy feet

We had a no tell adventure many many years ago....on our first RV trip through Mexico for the winter. We had started our travel home from Zihua and we were staying in an RV park about an hour north of Puerto Vallarta in Los de Marcos, on our way home in the spring. Some friends were arriving in PV (by air) on Good Friday, just before midnight. The plan was to drive to our RV park where they would stay with us for a week, then drop them back to the airport in PV, and we would begin the journey home for the summer. Since their flight arrived so late we decided it would much too risky to drive to the RV park on the narrow, winding, mountain road at that time of night, so we started to research hotels in PV, would stay a couple of days, then head north to the RV park. We being Semana Santa there were no hotel rooms to be found for less than our life savings! Then I remembered seeing a motel near the airport during some previous 2 weeks vacation to PV, so we set out to find it. We did. No signs to tip us off, and we didn't know about the no tells at that point in time....and my Spanish was VERY limited. But in we went to the office and asked if they had any vacany for Friday whatever date it was that year, which was in about 2 weeks time. Si señora was the reply. We were so happy! We asked if we could see a room. Si señora once again. It was, as others have stated, immaculate...with this neat neon sign with dolphins on it above the bed. How cute! We got back to the office and I asked if they happened to have TWO available rooms for that date. Si señora. Then I got the bright idea that maybe our friends would be fine with us all staying in the same room, and asked if they had rooms for FOUR people. Si señora, without any hint of nada. ok then. I asked the price....300 pesos señora. So we decided on 2 rooms and I said I would like to make the reservation. Lo siento señora....no reservations.....just come when you are ready and line up in your car....when a room becomes available the bar will raise and you may enter. I began to wonder, since my Spanish was so limited, what was I missing? No reservations? Then the nice man explained that also, since it was such a busy holiday time, we would be limited to only 5 hours instead of the usual 6. That's when the lights went on for me. I quickly thanked the nice man and we made our exit as quickly as possible. He must still be laughing! I know we are!

Linda from Canada
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