News for Canadians with Alaska Airlines World Elite M. C.

by HolyMole @, Thursday, June 28, 2018, 16:25 (235 days ago) @ Roberto!

Just got a notice in the mail that Canadian holders of the Alaska Airlines World Elite Mastercard may qualify for a free checked bag like our fellow travelers in the U.S who have the equivalent but in a Visa card.

Here is a link with some information;

Naturally there will be additional information in the fine print somewhere in order to qualify. However, it is a good start and maybe I'll take a hiatus from asking Alaska and MBNA to throw us Canadians a few crumbs but will keep after Alaska about the connections to Zihua along the west coast.


Must be nice to be wealthy, Bob. The word "Elite" doesn't appear anywhere on my Alaska Mastercard. The only thing that's "elite" is the $75 annual fee.
So, I clicked on your link.....and the "Elite" version requires a personal annual income of at least $80,000 or an annual family income of minimum $150,000. Even for a retired Federal public servant like myself, with our gold-plated indexed pensions, my 1/4 century of service just doesn't cut it. In fact, based on my gross pension, I would have had to work about 100 years for that kind of income.
Awhile ago, in an attempt to cash-in on all these credit card loyalty plans that my friends seem able to regularly milk for "free" trips, I applied for a WestJet card, which requires a personal annual income of minimum $75,000. Jerk that I am, I answered the questionnaire honestly, and even though I added a note saying I had paid all my credit card balances in full, every month, for the past 35 years, I received a rather condescending response from the bank...."Sorry, HolyMole, you're just too poor". Frustrating, when people don't seem to have any problems getting credit cards for their dogs. I guess they lie about their dog's annual income.
So, us slobs will still have to pay for our bags, even though we're the ones who can least afford to do so.
End of rant.

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