News for Canadians with Alaska Airlines World Elite M. C.

by HolyMole, Thursday, June 28, 2018, 18:34 (263 days ago) @ Roberto!

Nice rant though Don. :-)

I was looking through my notes to see how I ended up with the Alaska World Elite Card since you mentioned the $ threshold required, but couldn't come up with anything.

I seem to recall in 2004 Alaska Airlines had issued Canadians a Bank of America Visa card and operated that service out of Toronto until 2006. Perhaps it was when one of the change to MBNA (from some other MBNA affiliated bank to Toronto Dominion) took place that my card was upgraded and the $ threshold was the same as the Platinum Plus. Somehow, during the transition, we ended up with a flurry of cards that we shredded and ended up with what we have.

Give MBNA a call, ask them to review your history with them and see what you can arrange.

Must be nice to be wealthy, Bob<<<

In my dreams only... but enough to buy you and the wife a cold one at Paty's this fall. ;-)


Aaah, I get it. You were grandfathered, grandfather.

Doubt we'll be there anytime before New Years. We have to limit the lengths of our more 6 months at a time.... and the last few times we arrived on 1 November, we found it a tad hot and humid until early January.

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