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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Sunday, July 01, 2018, 13:01 (139 days ago) @ Talley Ho

It's an incredibly quiet day, and it even looks as if there will be no trash pickup today on Playa la Ropa! Is that because of election day?

About 7:30am we saw a blue tarp being put up on the road down to Patty's and Villa Mexicana. There were people milling around. Since then we have seen a number of people walking in that direction, and what appears to be a couple of people who are possibly reminding people or walking them down to vote.

Are we imagining things, or is that what is going on? How does it work here? I know to vote citizens have to have their credential, but do they have to go to a specific place or what? Please Rob,fill us in!

Our credencial de elector has printed on it the sección which corresponds to our polling station. It is the only place we can vote in the 5 elections corresponding to us here. Tourists can only vote in federal elections at special polling stations set up for them. One is located by the museum. There is probably one at La Ropa, one in Ixtapa and maybe another at the Plaza Libertad de Expresión.

Our polling station was an hour late opening because at least one designated worker and their suplente, maybe more, simply didn’t show up. The law doesn’t allow the polling station to open without its designated personnel. Those who don’t want to be polling station workers should make it known well in advance so personnel can be found. I think the people who didn’t show up this morning should be fined for their disrespect towards the rest of the workers and the good citizens waiting to vote, but I don’t believe anything will come of it beyond getting the stink eye from their neighbors for a few days.

There is supposed to be no alcohol sales today but as usual local authorities make exceptions for restaurants. Last night was one of the most peaceful for sleeping that I can recall. No drunks. No boombox cars. No PUM DIDI PUM all night long from the bars. We could use more nights with ley seca. ;-)

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