MSC Cruise Line

by Talley Ho @, Monday, July 02, 2018, 21:33 (259 days ago) @ Paulf

We are looking for something different for our 20th wedding anv. Playing with vacationstogo.com webb site, they have a 13 day cruise r/t out of Miami, Fl leaving April 2 with 2 stops in Havana, both stops are arriving on Sat and leaving on Sunday. My question is can being Americans, how do we get Cuban Visas to be able to get off the ship. The price is $1,249 for a ocean view.

Congratulations! We just celebrated 42 years, and discussed Cuba. One of us put our foot down and decided we didn't want to encourage them, and passed. It's a personal decision.

A very personal call.

Again, congratulation on your many happy years!

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