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What about traveling through Canada or Mexico to get away with independent stays in Cuba?
Gutsy American travelers have long illegally traveled to Cuba by way of Mexico and Canada. Because there are no restrictions from the Mexican or Canadian governments regarding travel to the island, Americans can fly in and out of Havana from either destination without an approved reason. Cubajet.com offers round-trip tickets to Havana from several Mexican and Canadian destinations and allows you to book flights with a U.S. credit card. Because Cuba does not restrict Americans from entering the country, your U.S. passport will still be valid upon arrival to the island. However, things can get tricky upon re-entering the U.S., since it is illegal to lie to Customs officers about where you’ve been. If you try to hide your trip to Cuba, you will be violating federal laws and can face serious punishment.

Interjet from MX - US credit cards accepted.

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