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I see that the United States admitted up to a one million "legal" immigrates every year. So I don't know how it is impossible to legally immigrated to the US.

It is the illegal immigrated that get so many people riddled up.


You didn't even bother watching the video and you certainly didn't fact-check your own erroneous comment that sounds like one of the bald-faced lies Faux Snooze passes off as "news" to its viewers. The real number is more like 300,000. About 700,000 people have become naturalized citizens in the past decade.

You also have the erroneous belief that there is such a thing as "illegal immigration", a rather obvious oxymoron. There are undocumented migrant workers, the great majority who have no desire to immigrate, and there are refugees, currently being treated like criminals after reporting to border authorities as they are supposed to do because they believe they are victims of a HUMANITARIAN CRISIS, much of it having to do with violence in their communities caused by organized criminals trying to supply U.S. consumers with stupidly banned popular substances.

Yet dumbed down apparently almost brain dead people keep buying The Chump's narrative that there is a crisis at the border. The only crisis is the one being caused by The Chump's draconian racist treatment of the desperate and impoverished people still foolish enough to believe the USA represents all that "Land Of Opportunity" crap. THE STATUE OF LIBERTY NEEDS TO BE SENT BACK TO FRANCE!

I doubt you'll read this, but it at least will help inform others who might.

An all-American city that speaks Spanish’: Immigration isn’t a problem for this Texas town — it’s a way of life

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