Independence day

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And here the classy response I just got emailed to me by

"Hey asshole, how about we (The USA) stop buying any exports from Canada. Watch your economy dry up in 3) days.

Remember this shithead, without us you have nothing. Just look up where all your exports go. You need us, we don't need your stinking oil! Same thing goes for Mexico.

Tough shit if the rest of the world gets pissed because we have a president who has reeled in the purse strings. Meanwhile our economy has ignited a better world economy, Isis is gone, our defense is stronger (lucky for you). The commie koreans are rethinking what's best for them. Our borders will finally get the walls and fences we as Americans deserve. And believe it or not we will take care of the Dreamers and their families.

The EU is going to pay it's own way and ultimately we the US will have to bring Iran to it's knees.

So go screw yourself and stay out of my country because you ass isn't welcome here."

And then some people wonder why the world is unhappy with the US. Good thing I know people like him are a minority and most of my US friends have more brain and class than this clown but it is a sad state of affair when some people in the US feels so threaten by a post they respond this way. This is the type of mentality Trump has encouraged...

A few months ago I was also a recipient of a personal e-mail from the Señor. He was gentle with me: I was only a "Bozo" and a "pinhead".
Nevertheless, I considered it an honour to be on his s- - tlist.

By the way, a Happy Belated 4th of July to all you Americans, (calm down, Rob). My own Independence Day gift came today, with EPA Chief Scott Pruitt's firing/resignation. Of course his interim successor is another climate change denier, (and, unbelievably, an ex-lobbyist for the coal industry! Hollywood couldn't write better scripts; tantamount to putting the fox in charge of the henhouse, or appointing Adolph Eichmann as Head of B'nai B'rith)

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