I Can Zih Clearly Now

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Saturday, July 07, 2018, 12:31 (226 days ago)

The rather oppressive heat and high humidity have everyone moving very slowly and staying in shady areas with a breeze. A few tourists are starting to show up for the summer vacation season, but next week is when we expect the floodgates to open, so to speak.

I'm upset that once again there is a huge beach concert planned in Ixtapa on the beach precisely in front of where the captive dolphins already are forced to suffer their existence. With their acutely sensitive hearing the incessant BOOM pooka BOOM will be sheer torture for them. I again tried bringing this problem to the attention of concert organizers and local authorities and asking if they could simply move the event 200 meters in any direction up or down the beach, but they simply ignore me, and even worse is that apparently NONE of the potential concert goers even cares at all. Only several other locals like me. I can't help but feel that humans behave mostly like a disease on this otherwise marvelous planet.

Lupita continues matching needy people with donated glasses day after day. We all thank you extremely generous folks who make this possible. And Lupita again asks for the kind sold cheaply at drug stores, what you call "cheaters". Those are the ones easiest for her to match folks up with since many prescription glasses often have different graduations for each lens.

This abuelita and her nieta both want to send you a huge heartfelt ¡GRACIAS!

Out and about in Ixtapa. This is where Rodrigo y Gabriela's Raíz de la Tierra restaurant is across from Catcha L'Ola surf shop at Plaza del Kiosko.

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