Troncones or Barra de Potosi/Playa Blanca?

by Hunter-MX ⌂ @, Troncones, Gro. Mexico, Sunday, July 08, 2018, 08:43 (254 days ago) @ Chelseaboy

First I will say I live in Troncones and am slightly biased, but sticking to facts as much as possible... Assuming you are coming in the tourist season, Nov. through April, you will find much more to do in Troncones as far as live music at night, a far larger variety of restaurants and activities in general. While Barra has a lot of restaurants they nearly all have the same types of food.

Weekends in Barra are difficult, buses and buses of National tourists arrive, filling the beach and the restaurants. In Troncones we have almost none of that. 1 or 2 buses at the most.

We have miles of near-empty beaches to walk, as does Barra. I like our beaches better because there is a variety of terrains, tide pools, and mountains. Manzanillo Bay is an excellent swimming beach as long as there is no severe weather.

There are far more selections of accommodations in Troncones, ranging from very affordable to very expensive, basic to luxury.

Prices are a bit higher on some things here I think.

I go to Barra frequently for lunch and just to look at different scenery, but I still think you can't beat Troncones for overall beauty.

I would close by saying The Inn at Manzanillo Bay is an excellent place to stay, beautiful rooms, breath-taking scenery, an excellent restaurant and an OUTSTANDING General Manager. They are close to many other restaurants and right on Manzanillo Bay.


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