Independence day

by zzztime @, Wednesday, July 11, 2018, 07:57 (5 days ago) @ K&B

Funny that you say that. We go to the US on multiple occasions every year staying in hotels spending money dining out and shopping. Each trip usually runs us between US$2-3000. We finally decided that we've had enough of the rhetoric from Trump and will no longer step foot in the US and will not even fly through the US or on US airlines. In place of our annual Portland trip this year we're flying Aeromexico to Zihua in August as well as October and will find other destinations to satisfy our travel needs that does not include the US. By missing Portland and going to Zihua we're actually going to be saving money. It may be a small drop in the bucket but many people north of the 49 are fed up and are on the same page. Is it going to hurt? Only time will tell but my guess is that given time, it will be noticeable.

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