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by mexicoman @, Zihuatanejo, Wednesday, July 18, 2018, 15:16 (148 days ago) @ Leemr

I have the answer although it takes several steps and a little money. Arrange for internet service with a Mexican provider or however you can.
- subscribe to Strong VPN for a year of their service at $80/yr.
- buy a router from Sabai Technology for about $150 - one time purchase. They have the Strong VPN software loaded into their routers. You don't have to understand anything just plug the Sabai router into the Mexican modem/router.
-Voila! You now have a US ip address.
-buy a Roku stick and attach wired or wirelessly to the Sabai router
-subscribe to whatever service from the US that you prefer. There are many. They give you channels in the US.
Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, they are all streaming services at similar monthly prices. My personal fav is Sony VUE. I pay $40/month for about 65 US channels that includes the local networks (ABC, NBC, CBS) in the city where your credit card is registered in the States. In my case Miami. You can add HBO, Showtime, etc., for additional charges of $10-$15/month and pay it all via VUE on your credit card.

When it is all set up you will have two networks in your home. One Mexican via the Mexican modem/router and one US via the Sabai router. If you are using a smart phone, tablet, laptop you can choose to be in Mexico or the US.

Any questions, just ask. It's not as complicated as it seems and it makes a world of difference if you want to stay in touch with the US via television - news, sports, etc.

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