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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Thursday, July 19, 2018, 18:46 (242 days ago)

I lay in bed around 5 this morning after a long night of sweltering heat timing the thunder until I knew it was about to rain, then made my rounds unplugging appliances and shutting doors and windows just as the wind picked up blowing sand and dust in front of the rain. Of course I timed it so that just as I was closing the door to our azotea a long bolt of lightning struck nearby right in front of me, possibly the bolt that supposedly hit the tree in front of Margaritas in La Madera and knocked it down. I almost jumped a flight of stairs it seemed so close. After living in "lightning alley" in east central Florida I have a deep respect for it.

Within minutes the temperature dropped about 10°C, and the thunder moved off along the edge of the storm as it moved up the coast. We went from steam sauna to a refreshing rain in paradise in less than half an hour, and I slept like a baby for another couple of hours only to awaken to a mug of perfect locally grown coffee made by the love of my life. Man oh man am I a lucky guy!

This is the husband of the lady who sells fresh juice by the fish market every morning. My saint of a wife Lupita fixed him up with just the glasses he needed, and he paid us back with his best smile (the only fee she charges). Thanks to so many of you for your donations for making smiles like this possible!

Calle Cuauhtémoc all dressed up with festive banners. Don't know what the festive occasion was, but it made for a pretty picture.

Today is jueves pozolero, and we took advantage of the opportunity to be treated like royalty at La Jaiba Feliz. Mmm mmmmm good!

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