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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Wednesday, July 25, 2018, 10:47 (144 days ago) @ mexicoman

Roku and VPNs work perfectly in Mexico if they are set up properly. I have been living full time in Mexico for 6 years. Using a router with the VPN software loaded into the unit is simple to set up. Literally plug and play. I used this system for 2 years with Cablemas in Playa Del Carmen, 3 years with TelMex in Cancun and now almost a year in Merida with IZZI.

You're right, the router with the VPN plugs into the Mexican modem/router. It then connects to your televisions wired or wirelessly. I use a single router in our house with powerline adaptors in the living room and bedroom that carries the signal "wired" through the electrical wiring in the house. Perfect signal even in a 100 year old colonial with 24" walls. The house is 120 feet front to back with televisions at either end. You can live without the powerline adaptors if your Mexican modem is near your television. However the powerline adaptors are a small unit that plug into an outlet in your chosen room and serve as a wireless hotspot in that room not just a wired connection to the television.

With that set up one can subscribe to any number of streaming services from the US or Canada.

Sounds complicated. My friend Javier at SIDITEL can fix you up with a service that has all the major US and Mexican networks including one of my favorites Turner Classic Movies (TCM). All you need is an Android box, and he sells good ones preprogrammed with the necessary software for a very reasonable price. No VPN necessary. Basic internet service is all you need (unless you have several TVs on at the same time). I use a simple signal extender like you mention that gives me excellent internet signal in any room of our 2-story thick-walled home. While everyone with a satellite dish loses signal during rainstorms or sometimes just on a cloudy day, I'm still watching anything I want, much of it in HD.

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