Trip Report and Food Update

by ToddJerad @, Thursday, August 02, 2018, 18:36 (228 days ago)

Trip Report:

I always enjoyed reading the trip reports on here over the years, so here goes my attempt. Took a quick trip to Z (3 nights) to see some old friends. I always stay on La Ropa, as I am the most comfortable here and love walking up and down the beach in mornings. Luis Valle always takes care of me at Villas San Sebastian, so I continue to stay here as the location and hospitality are wonderful. The weather was hot but not unbearable, felt about 100 degrees F with humidity. I walked most places and was sweating but fine. I shopped in El Centro and found the cutest kids clothing to gift at home.

I eat mostly vegetarian/vegan and was excited to try some new places this trip. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of local restaurants that seem to now have vegan options. Here is a list of places I tried.

Carmelitas: less veggie options than I remember, wasn't thrilled with creativity this time as I had been in past years. Almost every place I ate had huitlacoche (corn fungus) in some form but most restaurants did it better than others. Carmelitas is still a special place and will go back like I always do.

Mito: Had a fun meal here, never tried during past vacations. Enjoyed the veggie options and they have a small vegan section on the menu as well. Loved the fried goat cheese salad (if you eat cheese of course) and the vegan sandwich was quite good as well. Dessert here was great too. The cook's wife, sorry i forget her name, told us about her restaurant behind Taqueria Entre Zankas which offers only vegan tacos and drinks.

Taqueria Entre Zankas: This was the type of place I really was interested in. Tried for lunch the day after Mito. I was craving a wide selection of interesting vegan and veggie tacos. This place was small and fun and didn't disappoint. The mango, papaya, banana smoothie was so delicious and tasted like ice cream. All the vegan tacos were great and different. The peanut salsa was delicious with the cabbage she prepares for the topings. The meal was ridiculously inexpensive as well. I recommend for a casual lunch even to meat eaters looking for a change.

Casita Ecovegana: This was a terrific place that appears to be interested in making Z better for everyone. The part that always makes Zihuatanejo so special is the people. I asked to take items para llevar (to go) and the owner told me they do not offer to go boxes because of the waste. She offered to find me sustainable containers down the street which I kindly declined. The offer of her going to a store to buy me containers was something that would never happen in LA and she was so sweet about it too. I had great sopas here, the kombucha was homemade and the mole enchiladas were terrific. The salsas were great too. I totally support the Zihroplastic initiative as well and think it is a great thing for the area.

Amuleto: My favorite place, maybe in the world to eat and have a drink. I have never had a bad meal here, the service is always 5 star, the margaritas incredible, and the views cannot be beat. If you want a nice meal, this is hands down the best restaurant IMO. They cooked an all vegetarian 3 course meal which was elegant, presented beautifully, and just delicious. The dessert is insanely good as well. Just go here if you are interested in a nicer dinner. Call first!

Tentaciones: Quite similar to Amuleto in the multi-course meal. My meal was a little more here than Amuleto though (probably bc of wine). They have some nice Mexican wines, the food was presented beautifully and the service outstanding as well. Plus the view is terrific from the center of La Ropa. Their huitlacoche dish was terrific and better than other places using similar ingredients.

Banditos: Always love this place to dance, eat, and drink at night. I saw Michelle sing one night and she was so terrific and fun. I totally recommend seeing her. The molcajete salsas is amazing and we had the Cactus or Nopales with tortillas and they were so delicious. The cactus here is prepared wonderfully IMO, but we just were there to have a drink or four and a snack.

Vivas Las Pizza: First time here, couldn't believe the size of this place. My group had the best time here. So much fun being up on the hill in the area just outside of El Centro. Pizza was delicious and the Palomas were thirst quenching. Meal was a terrific value for what is served. I'm probably going to have my birthday party here in the future ;)

I'm sure I'm missing something as I am writing this at work quickly but all in all, I had a wonderful time. Zihuatanejo is one of my favorite destinations and I will continue to go back year after year even in Summertime. We never felt unsafe and walked everywhere even at night late. I did not notice much police presence but did see some federales around. I hope people reading this don't let those loud mouth friends back home that have never visited Mexico before deter them from having an amazing vacation here and throughout Mexico. This is truly a special place with special people.


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