State Department Level 4

by midalake @, Monday, August 06, 2018, 09:00 (378 days ago) @ callingingone

I know crime is everywhere, just have to ask. Level 4 alert, the highest is now issued for the state. Are any of the kidnappings, hostage, etc in the Zihua/Ixtapa area, or more in other areas of the state.

Is is better to not take the local buses to Troncones, La Majua and taking a taxi would be safer.

We have been all over Mexico riding buses, but this alert , well anyone there can give me an honest opinion would be appreciated.

I could write pages......but I will skip to the chase. Most people think the level 4 is a complete farce. AND when consulate people were here over the winter and pressed on the question they had no answers. D

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