Shameful Waterfront Bar

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Tuesday, August 07, 2018, 23:09 (162 days ago)

The new bar next to Casa Elvira restaurant on the downtown waterfront continues deteriorating the local ambiance, insulting and showing an utter lack of respect to its neighbors and peace-loving locals like us who stroll the waterfront for its tranquility. This evening during our stroll just as we were coming to Casa Elvira we saw our old friends the musicians Los Hermanos Morelos in front of a table at Elvira’s just about to strike the first chords of a song for a couple at the restaurant when they were rudely interrupted by blaring live music from the disrespectful new bar. They of course could not play the song nor earn their living. Shameful. The noise from the bar also ruined the ambiance for everyone else present, even at the pier where the tranquility was also ruined by their uncaring noise. One more reason I hope people will boycott the bar. They are rude to their neighbors and to the community and they make no effort to fit in. Frankly, they just don’t belong here on our waterfront..

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