Fish Identification in Zihuatanejo Bay

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With great pleasure and pride I have been providing underwater photos of Zihuatanejo Bay reef fish to a wonderful scientific online resource called, Mexico – Fish, Marine Life, Birds and Terrestrial Life.

The website is devoted to the study and better understanding of just what the title says, Mexico – Fish, Marine Life, Birds and Terrestrial Life

Photos and species information from Mexico — by John Snow

I am happy to say that John Snow has included many of my wife's and my photos and captures of the great variety of species in Zihuatanejo Bay. John is based in California and also along the sea of Cortez and fishes and collects samples manually for biology students and academics in California research institutes. He has a network of pleasure fishermen in many places and the commercial fishermen in Baja who provide photos and samples and then snorkel and dive enthusiasts on both sides of Mexico but with a Baja base and so a Baja speciality. He also has a network of scientists and other experts to aid in identifications and known territories and more.

Home Page link https://www.mexican-fish.com/

Our own practices are no touch, no feed, collect garbage and leave only bubbles.

We got out to Isla Ixtapa a few times this year and the first two very cool species were only encountered there, otherwise all other photos were taken at both ends of La Ropa beach, along La Ropa and the south shore and out to and including Las Gatas. This represents one half to one third of Zihuatnejo Bay and possibly only one quarter from outer point to outer point.

I post here and many places with the screen name JuanRojo. I post on Facebook with the twisted, borachito, version of this screen name, Ron Woheau. You can do a simple Google image search using just the unique name, Woheau, to access the website through the backdoor method of VIEW WEBSITE. In this way you can see a Zihua fish you would like to learn about from it's photo even if you don't know the name.

Isla Ixtapa's Barred Filefish



Isla Ixtapa's Black Durgon



All other photos are from Zihuatanejo Bay

Apparently there are many types and sizes of Blennies. These two are very small tube dwelling Blennies. There are multiple Zihua photos on the links for all blennies and multiple wrasse photos showing drastic changes by stage and gender.

BarnacleBill Blenny



Mexican Barnacle Blenny



A larger Throat Spotted Blenny



There are many types and stages of wrasses, including the Cortez Rainbow Wrasse.



The Wounded Wrasse



Blunthead Triggerfish



Jewel Moray in a field of red Anemones



White Spotted Anemones, not previously thought to be this far south


Another with a small hermit crab



And finally a Pacific Seahorse, the only type in the Pacific.



There are many more species to see, using that Woheau Google image search including, Spotted Boxfish and many others that have named tabs across the top of the image screen.

Rob has very kindly provided imbedded Youtube videos on his activity page as well. Gracias


Please be happy always

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