Art of Michoacan and Mexico

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I know that Rob has recently added Patzcuaro to his website and so I thought I would share some of the art we have purchased from the area. Buying the decorative items for our B&B was one of the funnest parts for Jesus and I and we had the opportunity to travel to many places within a 7 hour drive of Zihuatanejo. By far one of our favorite areas was Patzcuaro and the surrounding communities. Each community has its specialty. Capula specializes in pottery and clay catrinas. Zintzunzan specializes in stone statues and items made from corn husks. Santa Clara de Cobre in copper items. Patzcuaro is the place where many of those artists come to learn their crafts and then sell them. It is an area that we love and it is a place that we like to go to escape the heat of our beautiful Zihuatanejo sometimes.

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A display from one of our rooms

A gentlemen catrina from Capula holding his rooster

A lady catrina from Capula dressed to impress

A copper carafe purchased from Santa Clara de Cobre

A hand painted wood cabinet purchased in Patzcuaro

That same wood cabinet opened up

Humberto Romero

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