Amigos de Animales needs our help!

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Hello Everybody,
I am reposting this email I received from Stasya Briggs at Amigos de Animales. This non-profit organization has done so much to eliminate animal suffering through rescues, sterilization and education in Zihua, but they are running out of money! We are happy to support their program but can we get some other animal lovers to commit to $10 or $20 a month? That's barely a lunch in the US. You can find them here -- Thanks a million!

State of Emergency
by La Rusa
Due to medical/financial difficulties, Stasya Briggs and Mike Heiner, can’t continue funding the program as they were, providing as much financial support as was needed.

It means Amigos de Animales have to find a way to raise approximately $ 2500 monthly to be sustainable and continue to operate, investing in education program, providing free and low cost spay and neuter, and of course, continue rescue and running our safe house .

With heavy hearts , Shelley and Stasya made an impossibly difficult decision - , temporarily, stop taking animals in.

Our capacity and vision was always 25-30 animals.

We have 81 between safe house, HLR and foster homes in the village.

Please, help us continue saving lives .

If 100 people donate 10 dollars monthly, we will be half way there !

thank you, Stasya and Shelley and all furry children

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