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by cd69 @, Winnipeg,MB,Canada, Tuesday, September 04, 2018, 23:48 (134 days ago) @ mexicoman

Part of the problem is Zihua used to be a very tranquil town. My first stay there I was at Casa Arcadia, right on playa municipal, and by 22:00 it was all quiet. No noise, no music, nothing. You wanted to go out, you had to go a few blocks away and most of the bars in the area were closing at a decent time. If you wanted to go out later, Ixtapa was the place with their nightclubs and the Senor Frogs and a couple other spots closing late. And then things started to change with more and more bars to a point that now they are everywhere and don't care about their neighbours, often playing loud music through the night. Often bars will end up with people being drunk and when you have a multitude of bars in a residential area, you are bound to have issues. I also remember years back going to La Cancha and watching the basketball games. Once the game was over, the local population would go home and the place was deserted. Now you often end up with drunks passing out there and using the place as an open air urinal.

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