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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Wednesday, September 05, 2018, 12:15 (316 days ago) @ mexicoman

Mexicans being Mexicans in Mexico?

Drunks being obnoxious and destructive.

Zihuatanejo has seen a large influx of people from other places bringing their bad habits with them. Hotel and time share workers make up a large part of the young people here, and it seems way too many of them lack good values and principles, so believing they are acting like adults they fall into the all-night-long party and alcohol and drug culture with no consideration for locals or tourists, for families with children or for the decent hard-working people who need to sleep at night so they can work the next day. Couple that with a mostly absent police force and a greedy municipal regulatory agency that issues permit after permit for bars because it's a good source of non-transparent income, and the result is a noisy cacophony and sheer anarchy. Downtown hotels have lost their clients because of the proliferation of noisy bars who no longer close at midnight like the law stipulates but who "buy" extra hours from the municipal regulatory agency. We also now have many bars owned and operated by organized criminals to launder money and sell their wares. And so quite a bit of Zihuatanejo's former peace, tranquility and social harmony goes out the window, and besides losing tourism we also lose some of our warmth and happiness that were part of our attraction along with our natural beauty. My car would still look brand new if it hadn't been kicked in almost every part by rowdy drunks in recent years. Residents and business wake up to crap and urine in their doorways. The main plaza's gazebo is a hotel for drunk vagabonds. One was even caught trying to carry away a sea turtle recently. If we can't lick this problem then the good and decent people will continue moving away from Zihuatanejo and it will continue deteriorating because no one will be left who cares about or who loves Zihuatanejo. As it is most folks now living here have no sense of community or Zihuatanejo's history. And that's a damn shame because it is certainly worth preserving and appreciating. What the hell is the point of development or progress if there is no community preserved? I watched this happen up and down Florida, and it never ends well for locals who allow outsiders to overrun and displace them in their communities.


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