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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Wednesday, September 05, 2018, 19:05 (316 days ago) @ mexicoman

That is a sad commentary. It answers my original question, although my comment about Mexicans being Mexicans in Mexico was admittedly tongue in cheek and an attempt at humor I guess it was in poor taste.. You have serious problems that I am sorry to hear about. We are arriving this weekend to look for a place to live full time in Zihua. Perhaps we should focus on enjoying our first visit to Zihua and rethink our original plan.

I prefer to see it as Zihuatanejo being in a slump due to poor governance. Fortunately the old municipal government is on the way out, it's only saving grace being the interim mayor who took over after the mayor sought and lost reelection. He did the best he could with the crumbs left to him including fixing the canal near our home where a huge hole had formed in its wall threatening to break and cause massive flooding during a major storm. But the municipal police force was left in ruins after years of neglect and is now only up to half strength with state, federal and military forces already stretched thin trying to make up the slack, but nothing beats having local cops who know the area.

I expect the incoming mayor will hit the ground running on October 1st when he takes office. Unlike the last couple of mayors, he's a born-here local with lots of local family who are all counting on him to fix what is broken. One of his biggest obstacles will be the massive debt he'll inherit, and there's just not much to be done about that except do the best he can and hopefully find funds and enlist the right people to help him do a good job.

The incoming federal government doesn't take office until December 1st. The state government has passed a motion and sent it tol the newly installed Congreso to legalize opium production. If we can also get cannabis legalized it will help level the playing field between the police/military and organized criminals who currently can spend around 10 million for every million the government can spend. Instead of fighting the USA's proxy war on drugs lots of smart Mexicans including the Presidente-electo López Obrador and at least one former president believe making tax-paying legal businessmen out of the cartel operators is a helluva lot smarter move than continuing to repeat the same old failed policies over and over while expecting a different result. I agree. It will help level the playing field so the police can get a grip on the rest of the organized criminals responsible for other crimes like extortion, theft and kidnappings.

It will take time, but if things work out then locally and nationally things will improve and we should see a steady rise in the quality of life throughout the country. That's what the Presidente-electo's job is and he knows it. And our new mayor also knows it's no longer business as usual, that he has to deliver. So I'm cautiously optimistic that better times are in the near future.


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