Signs of Zih Life

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Friday, September 07, 2018, 11:15 (314 days ago)

The same pattern is holding up for the beach soccer tournaments: the beach is always much cleaner the mornings after the women's teams play and dirtier the mornings after the men's teams play. Vamos muchachos. Es hora de seguir el buen ejemplo de las mujeres.

Even though there are almost no tourists, the same damn bars are just as noisy as ever. Some drunk was screeching into a microphone the other night so horribly I almost felt obliged to put him out of his misery. Why do drunks think people two blocks away need to hear their horrible screeching? I'll never understand why people feel it's okay to make more noise at night during the normal sleeping hours for most working folks than during the day. Lack of decent values passed on by their parents. If we can ever get a government to apply the law and fine folks for making too much noise like they do in many other cities things would change rapidly. Same with our garbage problem and drunk drivers and land thieves.

Zihuatanejo is enjoying its best weather of the year and there are almost no tourists here to enjoy it. What irony!

No spectacular colors again today, but still a scene of serenity and beauty as fishermen sought bait fish in the bay and residents enjoyed a refreshing morning while the tiniest sliver of a crescent moon faded into the morning sky.

Once again there were several sea turtle tracks on the downtown beach. This nest had just been made and looked to still be intact. I wish the city government would put signs up warning tourists to be careful and not to disturb the nests. With just a little love Zihuatanejo could be a much better place for everyone.

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