Throwing Canada under the bus?

by zzztime @, Monday, September 10, 2018, 08:59 (530 days ago) @ Quadra Paul

Instead of ranting about the dirty oil conspiracies, maybe get some perspective. Canada produces different grades of oil which can be refined back east. The refineries out east depend on the lighter oil which without pipelines or rail, are unable to get it there. Do you think the oil being imported from OPEC is the bitumen from the oil sands or the light oil? Do you think the imported oil is going back into Alberta or the eastern refineries? Are you one that complains about the cost of gas? If you are, then the cost of gas would definitely go up without imports and could even lessen with a pipeline going east. You are correct that getting the oil off shore is about money but are you forgetting the fact that since pipelines are at capacity,a discount is placed on the oil supplied by Alberta? The more capacity that they can get out, the lower the discount for Canada oil which means higher value to the oil so yes it is about money. How do you propose to replace the revenue that is provided by the energy sector? Although clean energy and technology are way of the future, how do we bridge the gap?

I work in IT in BC and would love for the world to slow greenhouse gasses, which by the way from another perspective is fake news. I'm in a reality based world where I fully understand that although dirty, oil sands based oil is what helps pays for healthcare and education as well as pensions and infrastructure. Cut that out and you'll have a funding disaster.

...but then again everything in my post must be fake news.

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