Throwing Canada under the bus?

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Monday, September 10, 2018, 20:14 (530 days ago) @ Bcbuddy

Forget the oil and dairy this all about auto jobs. The USA will always need Canada's oil and this is our wild card. Mexico took alot of auto jobs from Ontario with the low wages and good for them but Canada always stated from the beginning there has to be a 3 way deal. I believe Canada always had the intention to raise workers wages in auto Mexico and beyond but this Moron Mexican President is signing a deal before he leaves office that is bad for everyone but Trump. Mexico did screw Canada and themselves. Btw my Mexican mother in law and aunt who are teachers in Mexico city are visiting me now have responded to my inquiries about this by telling me the media in Mexico are reporting Canada walked away from discussions and have no interest in making a deal. Talk about fake news, the truth in media in Mexico usually means a drive by

That is not the news I'm hearing, as I already stated. Might I respectfully suggest your family members expand their news sources. I may not ce as cosmopolitan as many of our capitalinos, but I'm confident in my abilities to find good sources of news. I list many very reliable sources on my NEWS page.

While the current Mexican president's negotiating team may not have made the best deal from the point of view of some of the nation's leading economists, the incoming Mexican president has had his policies and points of view represented. The incoming and outgoing administrations have essentially been working together on this. My take is that the problem from the git-go has been the US president and his political games that do not have put the best interests of any nation first but instead put political ambitions over economic considerations, since according to all the leading experts NAFTA was working in spite of the resistance to its implementation by the USA and the lack of coordination by our legislators here in Mexico to make the laws necessary to take full advantage of NAFTA by not meeting certain obligations. Wages and laws weren't homogenizing fast enough even though the plan was always a long-term implementation, but to a large degree Mexico dropped the ball by playing the USA's proxy "war on drugs" game for the past 12 years. So in the recent agreement Mexico took some hits to minimize losses and stabilize Mexico's economy which was being negatively affected by the lack of an agreement.

We've got our work cut out for us, to be sure, but Mexico has always wanted this to be an agreement inclusive of Canada, and I keep getting the impression that behind the scenes Mexican officials are cheering on Trudeau's negotiators for their tough stance.

Attaboy Canada!

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