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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Tuesday, September 11, 2018, 19:32 (311 days ago)

Boy oh boy! It just keeps getting better. The local water company says that due to the lack of rain Zihuatanejo's aquifer has not been replenished and we are again facing a water shortage even though it's the peak of the hurricane/rainy season.

Makes me want to form a lynch mob and go after the folks who changed the zoning and allowed dwellings above the Cota 70 (70 meter mark), the former limit above which no development was allowed. :rant:

But that's not all... :wtf:

It's bad enough that some folks think pouring tons of concrete and covering up more beach is acceptable. But now that the national Congreso changed from old to new the money to complete this project is possibly no longer available, according to local news sources. Everyone's been wondering why it's taking so long to refurbish Paseo del Pescador. Six months have passed since the project was "inaugurated" with much fanfare, yet the work seems to be dragging on. Even though the original plans were scrapped for a more "austere" refurbishing, locals are still concerned the project will be left incomplete. If only they had simply used the funds to repair and maintain the walkway instead of wasting so much time pouring tons more concrete that covers more beach and obstructs more views... Like this: :grrr:

Sometimes I think I just want to go back to an island and get away from all the madness, though there seems to be madness wherever there are humans. But it sure sounds tempting. Isla Ixtapa will just have to do for now! B-)

This sure helps. ¡Viva Zihuatanejo! ;-)

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