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What is the real story about water thru CPAZ water for Zih? I have also heard something about pipas not coming from Acapulco? Yes employees and certain others are getting water. I also know the pipa drivers for CPAZ are not getting paid. What about resorts like Casa Que Ve Al Mar and restaurants? Are private pipas getting water from CPAZ?

I have also heard from reliable sources that locals can't find their usual seasonal jobs. Some say because of businesses not being able to open because of lack of water. Others are saying because of Chicos Malos.

What is the real story?

The consensus seems to be that the outgoing mayor bankrolled part of his failed reelection campaign using the paramunicipal water company’s funds so that wages and bills went unpaid. The CONAGUA trucks you mention were loaners from the federal government. Everyone is buying pipas if they want to have water, something we should all be reimbursed for by the scoundrel who allegedly caused this mess. Instead, he opened a big new restaurant that I hope no one will go to. It will certainly never appear in my list of recommended restaurants.

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