Tsunami in Zihua Bay?

by HolyMole, Sunday, September 30, 2018, 19:29 (260 days ago) @ The Fez

Tsunamis pose their greatest danger for Zihua Bay if in a direct line from the epicentre based on the orientation of the bay. By looking at a map of the Pacific you can see that the recent earthquake/tsunami which originated near the island of Sulewesi in Indonesia couldn't make a beeline to Zihua since Papua New Guinea, Mindanao, and Malaku islands are in the general path. Also, if you hear news of an earthquake caused tsunami from the other side of the ocean, you would have some time to prepare, since they generally move at about 800 km/h and Indonesia is over 15,000 km away, giving you about 18 hours lead time.

My question was rhetorical. I realize there's little chance of a tsunami generated in the islands of Indonesia having much effect in Zihua.....nor was I wondering about lead time. Will the shape of Zihua Bay and the orientation of the mouth of the bay amplify or reduce the potential for damage? I believe you are correct that most damage would result from waves generated in a direct line, which is probably unlikely. Just as the Bay's northwest(?) opening provides some protection from tropical storms, I assume the same would apply to a tsunami.

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