Call of the Zih

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Monday, October 01, 2018, 14:12 (138 days ago)

I never came to Zihuatanejo looking for a vacation, and even though I've lived in tropical and sub-tropical vacation destinations most of my life and worked in all kinds of tourist resort trades, I know it's obvious to a lot of my readers that we have different interests and certainly different priorities. Although this is my website and I try to keep it relevant and useful for visitors and residents, I try not to make it about me. The views I express are often in the vein of collective local views, though I have a reputation for being a bit more outspoken than a lot of my neighbors. Over the years lots of folks have come up with all kinds of stereotypes about me, always wrong, especially gringos when they hear my Southern accent, and of course Mexicans for my being a gringo. Everywhere I've lived it's pretty much been the same. In the States my accent helped me gain access to places where Yankees and minorities were often not allowed or would fear to venture. I could flow through any part of the South and blend in where folks from other places stood out due to their dress, mannerisms and accents, especially travelling the back roads through Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and Kentucky. Places that many non-Southerners probably have nightmares about. Here in Mexico though it's been harder to blend in, nevertheless thanks to my local accent and mindset, I often find myself in unique situations whether it's at a family gathering, a political rally, or just shooting the breeze with folks on the street. Mexico's biggest attraction for me has always been because it's a place I feel at home, more comfortable than in too many parts of the land where I was born and in the places I lived for so many years with folks who mostly look like me but seem to have a different culture, a different value system and different tastes altogether. Ain't that the damndest thing? ;-)

Thought I'd just splat a piece of my brain down. Hope y'all don't mind.

Enjoyed a beautiful walk along the waterfront with my sweetie this morning. Even saw a couple of tourists on the pier!

The waves were so big at Playa La Madera there was hardly any beach to walk on that we didn't have to duck under all the crap people have been allowed to build on the beach too damn close to the water.

Workers on the walkway couldn't work because the waves were washing over the waterfront walkway, threatening to wash out parts of it. It becomes more obvious than ever that the new remodel is extremely poorly designed by someone unfamiliar with the walkway and the ocean. I don't know if they removed some of the rocks or if it's the sheer weight of all the additional tons of concrete they've placed there, but the waves were washing over the walkway the worst I've ever seen, including during a tsunami and a few hurricanes. Just like when you stand barefoot at the water's edge and let the waves lap over your feet the sand washes out from under them, the same thing happens when tons of concrete are laid down along the water's edge, but landlubbers and folks who never walk the shore couldn't be expected to have this common knowledge, or maybe the folks building it just don't care. And this is the result. And those metal posts aren't going to last anywhere near as long as the concrete posts did. They're already rusting, and like the concrete posts they were built too close to the edge of the walkway so that any drunk or vandal can kick them and break them off, just like they did with the concrete ones. Oh well. Ain't it purty? B-)

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