Tsunami in Zihua Bay?

by HolyMole @, Tuesday, October 02, 2018, 16:40 (137 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

I recall that after the major earthquake in Mexico City in the 1980’s there was a significant tsunami event in Zihuatanejo Bay. I recall it was described by the man who was the original owner of Villa del Sol in a Time magazine article. It made an impression on me.

Tsunamis have devastated this region several times since humans have lived here. The ruins at La Chole are probably the best example of this. The fact that Zihuatanejo was never a principal population center until relatively recently speaks volumes. Look at any Google Map and take a good look at Playa Blanca and you should be able to make out the geological effects of several successive tsunami events. My wife has seen the bay empty out about a third of the way. When the water returned it flooded all the homes in Zihuatanejo. The only saving grace is that the shape of the bay acts a bit like a shock absorber and takes a lot of the impact out of massive inflow of rushing water. We see this commonly with the groundswells that cause severe damage along most of the nearby coastline along the open ocean while only causing minor erosion along the beaches in the bay.

Thanks. That's the kind of info I was seeking.

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