Language "Laziness"

by HolyMole, Wednesday, October 03, 2018, 01:57 (229 days ago) @ islandgirl

So she had trouble with languages. Some people do, you know. She lived in an immigrant area with people who spoke the same language as her. She worked hard, raised her family on her own after her husband passed away, never got in trouble with the law and paid her taxes all the way.
Shame on you for passing judgement on someone you never met. She was a cool old lady!

Good on you, Islandgirl. As born-and-bred, relatively unilingual English-speaking Montrealers, my wife and I had a fairly unique perspective on the language issues of minorities, be they isolated in immigrant communities, or, as we were, a sizeable English-speaking minority surrounded by a French-speaking majority, who were themselves surrounded by 350 million English-speakers.

And you're absolutely correct: some people have great difficulty learning a language....even their own. Take Trump, for example.......please. ;-)

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