Marine Mammals on Display

by Talley Ho @, Playa la Ropa, Thursday, October 04, 2018, 18:07 (478 days ago) @ midalake

What about a zoo/museum/educational facility that showcased, strictly for the educational value, developmentally disabled humans. It could also exhibit other genetic issues, strictly for education like the "little people" in all of their different forms. It could be done as an educational situation, charging admission of course, to raise awareness that many of these conditions have genetic or environmental causes, while some remain simply random with unknown causes.

How about a similar institution that featured humans of different skin colors and ethnic variations? Educational, and like the above you can have photos taken with the "examples" to take home as a reminder and to prove you were there.

Disgusting? Sick? Absolutely. We put placing marine mammals on display, making them do tricks, and posing for photo ops in exactly the same category.

This is NOT intended to offend anyone simply share our opinion on why we are against captive dolphins, since it was asked for.

We hope to make no more comments on this.

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