Today's Spanish Lesson

by jaui @, Zihuatanejo, Thursday, October 04, 2018, 22:25 (641 days ago) @ BobM


Hola BobM

Here's another important detail to know for sounding less like a beginner when speaking Español, that can be confusing.

What I am wondering :badass: about, IF you may know:
Is there a gramatical rule that applies to figure out if a word is "el" or "la"?
I simply just had to memorize which to use.

Examples: la escuela, la ropa, la bicicleta, la Señora, la mesa.....all those end with the letter "a".
el lago, el pago, el dinero, el monedero, el basurero, el asunto, all end in "o".

Here's where the difficulty comes into play:
el sistema, el agua, el área, el problema, el tema, though end with the letter "a" are NOT preceded by "la", and use "el".

Others such as la luz, la educación, la computación, la felicidad, etc., as far as I know, just need to be memorized.
LISTENING TO NATIVE SPEAKERS talk is how I learned those.



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