Today's Spanish Lesson

by Canadian Rainbirds ⌂ @, Victoria BC and Zihuatanejo, Thursday, October 04, 2018, 22:33 (640 days ago) @ BobM

There are lots of subtleties in Spanish. Pronouns are used a little differently that in English.

Hopefully a couple of examples will shed some light as to just how different Spanish can be. The language isn't that simple.


Second example, "Te gusta cerveza" means "You like beer." It looks like "te" is being used as a subject pronoun here. But it's not -- a literal translation of the sentence would be "Beer pleases you." So "te" is an object pronoun. This is how you say "like" in Spanish: the thing you like is the subject and "you" are the object. . . . . .

Be Careful with gustar: Note that "me gusta" should NOT normally be used to refer to a person to say "I like you", or her or him etc. Is can have a sexual connotation!

For persons, use caier, to fall. Nos caimos bien. We get along well. (We fall together well).

Yeah, confusing!

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