Cheapest shipping method?

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"Does anyone have any wisdom to share on the cheapest shipping method to Zihuatanejo? I have a box that is about 18" square and weighs no more than 4 lbs. It's clothes for a friend's daughter. I looked quickly on FedEx last night and it gave me a quote of $130!!!!! Any other ideas, please? Thanks!"

Hola Sweet Susy

When I can't find a traveler coming down with some extras space as another person suggested, I resort to US Mail First Class International.
Recently I received one of those large floppy envelopes with 1 tee-shirt sent to me from New Jersey.
It had $12.25 postage applied to the envelope, and took 3 weeks to arrive here.

Price increases substantially if you choose International PRIORITY mail.

Also, using the US Mail avoids the 16% I.V.A. IF the shipment is UNDER a stipulated value, which although I am not sure what it is at the moment, it could be the equivalent to US$150.00
All merchandise items arriving by FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc., has the 16% tax levied, on whatever the declared value is, NO WAY to escape that.

As a side note - When using the Amazon USA platform, they have their service "Amazon Global" which is relatively swift, and their shipping charges beat other transportation methods.


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