Result of plastic in the oceans

by Talley Ho @, Wednesday, October 10, 2018, 20:26 (224 days ago) @ hromero

You two do a great job, chickens, recyclables, just great people.

We try. We actively decided not to compost here because of the critters that are attracted to it and our two dogs. Fortunately for us, and for you too, Jesus does the composting at Sixtinos. Not only does he sell the compost, but he picks up daily at LOOT, so we can just contribute to his finds.

Little stuff-we accidentally purchased a case of 12 600ml bottles of Coke sin azucar in glass bottles. What perfect water bottles! Yes, they are breakable, but the wonderful feel and aesthetics of glass is worth the potential breakage. When they are gone (tea, water, other liquids) we'll buy another 12 pack.

We shop the mercado and town with one of those stupid rolling carts, so easy and we don't have to drive to town and don't need bags.

Paper waste? Toilet paper rolls, boxes from things like mashed potato flakes (we love them) make perfect dog toys picked up after they are finished shredding them.

Coke products are available in recyclable bottles at the Coke plant, two streets inland from the main Corona deposito and a block past Soriana.

I'm sure there is more, but we all try and hope to have any guests do it too.

We walk Playa la Ropa every morning with the dogs and swim. We always carry a bag and pick up stuff.

We need to talk to you about gentle shampoo and soap alternatives available in bulk.

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