Bay water quality/safety for swimming

by juanrojo @, Wednesday, October 31, 2018, 21:45 (319 days ago) @ Talley Ho

At the mention of the Semarnat website I went to have a look. They have a odd prevaccional schedule. The chart has tabs above it that are interactive to change dates displayed. There are June 13th to 18th 2018 numbers available via a tab.

There is nothing earth shattering about the June figures although they are just a bit worse on average than March.

The Playa Principal number, the potential outlier, maybe outliar, was not available for reasons of, eventos meteorologicos adversos which might as well be the dog ate my homework but probably not a big deal.

Overall the assessments mentioned by others would be ours too.

The last few years all have late November test dates. The November testing would be most likely to show rain borne contaminants not adequately flushing but the numbers are consistently good.

Please be happy always

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