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by Pdxdebbe, Thursday, November 01, 2018, 19:48 (12 days ago)

Hurrah! I know I love reading trip reports - so thought I'd write my first one ever as a long time board reader. We just returned from a great trip to Zihua a few days ago.

We’ve been coming down to Zihuatenajo since about 1996, but due to a job change haven’t been down in the last 10 years and we’ve really missed it! For our return visit last week we brought my mother & sister-in-law, both of whom had never visited Mexico before. We all had a great time. They had many of the misconceptions about language difficulties, danger of the unknown and getting sick. Of course none of those things happened and they both want to return immediately! We just missed Tropical Storm Vicente, though flew on the edge of Willa for a turbulent arrival.

We stayed at our favorite, Villa Cruz del Mar on Calle Adelita. We were the only people there which was kinda great. What a beautiful property. We’ve now stayed in almost every room there. The family that runs this place is very sweet, the rooms are large and now all have kitchens, plus a great pool which was appreciated after the walk back from the beach. It was needed to cool off!

We spent our days on La Ropa at Paty’s, our favorite waiters still work there (Damaso and Able) and remembered us! We had a few adventures with them in the past, including having a surprise turtle nest hatch under the table we were sitting at and the frantic efforts to get the turtles into a baby swimming pool. We like the food at Paty’s and appreciate getting a table with palapa and lounge chairs if needed. Plus a shower to rinse off in after a dip in the ocean. On two other days we went over to Las Gatas and also took the bus/truck to Barra de Potosi. Both great beach days.

Actually – a surprise to us was how busy it was with local families on Friday and Saturday at the beaches. It use to only be super busy on Sundays, but this trip it was Friday & Saturday. The Barra was super packed on a Saturday, though once outside the restaurants the beach was blissfully quiet for a nice long walk. And we had great food at each beach at Otilias (Las Gatas) and La Condessa (the Barra).
I’d say one of the high points of this trip for me was watching all these families have such a good time together. With multiple generations together enjoying each other. It brought smiles to all our faces at how similar we all are from different places in the world when with our families.

Since we had visitors with us we went to different restaurants every meal. There are so many good places! For breakfast we ate either at Paty’s, La Terrasita, Carmelita’s, La Arrayan or Adelita’s. All, except Paty’s, new to us since we haven’t been back in 10 years and all delicious. Though Camelita’s was pretty darn amazing. For dinner we ate at Lety’s, Any’s, Casa Bahia (wow – best meal of the trip!), Il Mare, Puerto del Sol and Rufo’s. Seriously, we never had a bad meal. Though we were blown away by how good Casa Bahia was on this trip. The chef came to the table multiple times and the view was spectacular.

Honestly, though we haven’t been in Zihua in 10 years, not much has changed. There are many new restaurants and changes of stores but it still feels the same. The loud bars downtown were a bit wacky – we felt for the people who live in that area. We had no problem with the ATM’s. There was about the same service fee we pay in the states and the exchange rate was pretty spot on.

We hadn’t been coming down as I can’t get away during the high season and during the low season it’s so hard to get a plane from Portland, OR that arrives in one day. We took the one plane of the week that left Portland at 5am, changed in LAX and arrived at 3pm. And though it hurt to get up at 2am, the reward of Zihua was so worth it. We definitely are coming back sooner than 10 years this time, in fact, we are already talking about next year!

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